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Hire me as your exclusive SEO consultant – you can hire me for one day, project-based, or as your full-service SEO consultant.

If you’re looking at SEO as a long-term, marketing and growth channel – you’ll need an experienced consultant to help lead the way.

If you or your company need an SEO agency to run your organic search efforts and work to increase qualified traffic via search. Hire me as your full-service SEO consultant as we don’t charge outrageous prices for overhead and operational costs.

The days of keyword stuffing and link building from micro-sites are gone. You need to improve your tactics and get your SEO strategy in line with the ongoing changes.

A technical SEO audit is a process in which you check the technical aspects of your website’s crawlability. It checks the health of a website and determines what issues and errors that need to be fixed.

Search engines crawl the web to find pages and websites. The crawlers then check your pages for the different ranking factors before ranking your website in the search results pages.

SEO is a constantly changing landscape and your competitors are keeping up with the changes too. It’s important for you to remain up-to-date to remain relevant. If you don’t assess your website’s health, you will lose traffic to your competitors.

As the search algorithms and technology change frequently, it is a good practice to perform mini-audits monthly. It is our recommendation to conduct a full technical SEO audit every quarter.

The main factors that affect your website’s SEO can be broadly classified into three different categories.

  • Technical: Includes technical aspects such as log file analysis, indexing, page speed, and more.
  • On-page: Includes factors such as site content, target keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, and more.
  • Off-Page: Includes the backlinks and third-party references and reviews to your website from other websites.

One of the most important factors to be kept in mind is the mobile-readiness of your website. As about 65% of all searches happen on mobile devices. Google has started giving more importance to mobile-friendly websites.

Inexperienced marketers think that SEO is all about keywords and link building. Yes, these are key aspects of your strategy, but SEO goes far beyond those. Google considers a plethora of factors when ranking your site.

While many simply talk about doing keyword research to find out what terms you should use, what you do after that is just as important: this is your keyword strategy. A keyword strategy contains every decision you take based upon your findings in your keyword research project, whether it’s about the content you’re planning to write or how you are going to track the results in Analytics. The keyword strategy is about how you want to target those keywords, now and in the future.

Gone are the days of simple keyword mapping, optimization, and fast page one rankings. SEOs in today’s search landscape now need to truly understand their client’s audiences and be able to meet them with appropriate, intent-driven content at all stages of their buyer’s journey. This impacts everything from site structure and internal linking to tone and questions answered in each piece of content. Content needs to be specific, addressing each topic individually, rather than broad, shallow pieces.

The way consumers engage with search continues to change. People expect a quality, correct answer to their questions immediately and they don’t care which brands provide those answers. This is a huge opportunity for content marketers to position their brands as go-to resources far before and beyond purchase.

If you’re not using the search landscape as a data source in your content strategy, if you’re not considering how each new piece of content interacts with your site as a whole, if you’re not answering those “micro-questions” in new or optimized content, if you’re not considering how you can make the experience as frictionless and as helpful as possible, then you’re missing the mark. Helpful content that meets intent is the only way content marketers will find success today and beyond.


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